Why you should do magnetic marketing

Magnetic marketing

Pull in new clients with attraction marketing

Magnetic marketing, often called attraction marketing is the way to go for any (online) business. Like these terms would suggest it is about attracting potential customers to you. It’s the exact opposite of what a lot of internet and network marketers are doing, which is hunting down prospects.


How magnetic marketing works

Firstly this is what it’s not: This isn’t some going after your prospects trying to sell to them, or even trying hard to sell them. A lot of internet marketers are becoming the digital version of a car salesman: straight to the point, out there to sell to you, and often not taking no for an answer. Which is considered very annoying by a lot of people, and it’s a great way to get your prospects to run for the hills!

So here is what magnetic marketing actually is: It’s a completely different approach in business. Instead of focusing on selling, you will be focusing on branding yourself as a leader and help your target audience. It’s about attracting people to you instead of chasing them.

So how do you do this?

It’s simple actually, firstly show them you are a real person. YOU are your brand, not the company or product you are trying to promote and the goal of attraction marketing is to get people who want to work with YOU! The single best tool you could use for this is video, as it shows you as you are. People will get to know you and see that you are trying to help them.

Reread the last four words of the previous paragraph. That’s the key of attraction marketing! You have to stop trying to sell and start improving people’s situation. Teach people what they want to know, share the knowledge you possess. This will settle you in the position of an authority where people will seek you out for knowledge interested in you. By doing this you will become an expert in your niche, somebody who can help others get what they want.


Video: How attraction marketing works

Did this video help you set your priorities straight and taught you how to attract people to you instead of chasing them down? Hopefully you have seen the power of this approach. So please just stop bugging people and start teaching them as it will greatly benefit you in the end.

To your abundance!

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