There is no perfection in performance, just get started!

You know what really bugs me sometimes? It’s the mindset that I see and hear way too often. The way of reasoning where you want to do something (like blogging, video marketing, whatever), yet you’re not doing anything because you “want to master it first”. So what I see is a lot of people learning [...]

Why content marketing – How content marketing creates residual traffic

  Do you want to get more people to see your offer, capture page, or whatever it is you’re promoting? Well, there’s a lot of different ways to do this. You’ve got things like banner advertising, pay per click marketing, other paid strategies, there’s Facebook, Twitter and the like and the list goes on and [...]

How to attract the right people to you with your marketing

Do you struggle with getting people’s attention and interest? Are you unable to get people attracted to you? You are not alone my friend. You see, a lot of marketers are facing the very same problem you are. Luckily there is an easy solution, which I’ll share with you right here, right now. Just stick [...]

The truth about credibility and internet marketing

When people get started with internet marketing, one of the concerns a lot of people have is that they think that nobody will listen to them because they don’t have any credibility when they get started. That they need to be THE known expert in the field before they can market themselves and teach people. [...]

How to get more social interaction from your blog readers

Do you want to get more social shares on your content, more comments on your blog posts, overal interaction? Hell yeah right? Now increasing your engagement is a problem so many face, especially smaller blogs have this problem. I know that it can be frustrating. But how do you solve the puzzle? Watch the video [...]

About Robin Hood, Pinocchio and good marketing…

Remember how you used to love stories and fairy tales as a kid? To dive deep in a fantasy world that was appearing right before your eyes when your mom or dad read one for you, and later to throw yourself into the world by reading them yourself. I used to love them, and I [...]

How to make sure no one will look at your ads

How’d you like it if almost everyone would just completely ignore all you advertisements and promotions? To virtually walk right past your store without looking at it, and worse, without even consciously noticing it? Sucks, doesn’t it? The reality is, that people are so used to seeing advertisements everywhere they go (and it’s even worse [...]

Content Creation – How to write a blog post people Love to read

Do you want to learn good content creation will allow you to write a blog post people love to read? Well, you’re in luck my friend, for that is exactly what this post is all about. Creating content like this is harder than it seems at first, so pay very close attention, k? So here’s [...]

Why just producing great quality content isn’t enough

Are you still following the dogma laid out by the so-called gurus, the advice that says “build it and they will come”? Or in other words, just create great quality content and people will show up on your virtual doorstep just begging you for more. It’s been held on for years, and a lot of [...]

A simple yet powerful way to get more duplication in your organization

Do you have a team within your network marketing company, but are just struggling to get any real duplication in your team? Despite your training and efforts coaching, people below you don’t seem to take any action with the information you’re giving them, sounds familiar? A lot of people I know have this problem as [...]